Making Everyone Smile with Food


Eating what you wish, gives joy and delight to every one of us. You might know a friend, a family member, or you may be the person who lives with allergies to food such as eggs and dairies. Many of us these days, choose to put a specific limit on what we want to eat concerning our health and diets. And last but not least, there are countless numbers of people in this World who choose to be on a plant-based diet regarding their religious background. One of my dreams is to help the people with food limitations to eat the dish or a dessert that they wish to eat. I want to bring in joy to the family’s dining table so that they could taste the same, but different (such as ingredients) delicious menu within their families.
With that, I started creating the allergen-free, soy-based sweet and plant-based recipes so that anyone in the World could have a smile on their face and a bit of delight from the dishes and the desserts that I create.


What’s in the small is big - Soy Bean and its benefits-Compromising taste with healthy plant-based ingredients.

Soybean has been one of the leading cultural food sources in Kyoto. Soy also has a tremendous amount of health benefits including rich vitamin, minerals and high nutritive value; and because they consist of glutamine (a taste-improving agent), it brings outs, and enhance the Umami components that are in the soybeans. Soybeans have been an excellent and attractive ingredient that I could find to make my satisfying menus and recipes with high nutrition and quality tastes. The Soybeans has brought me to the place I am today, as one and only “Soy milk Patissiere” in the World.



With my hand…on my own

After I realized the importance of serving all people with high quality, delicious, and healthy food, I started to produce and grow my soybeans on my own as a very first step. In the progress of my soybeans making, I learned about the dirt, the crops, and had guidance from the professionals in the field of studies. All the experiences gained during this process taught me the difficulties of growing a product and how all the soybeans sent to me are carefully selected, and how making a very high-quality product takes time and effort. Moreover, I learned that the practices of cultivating product and ingredients supports the safety of the food, and affect our health. 2016, we founded our farm, with our visions upholding to discover more about the ingredients, and product that shape up our food recipes that we create every day.


Keep Seeking for the Best


Making a cake without any flours, eggs, and dairies is a big challenge. It is because all those ingredients have the components that make our brain think that they are indeed “delicious.” But seven years, I stood and fought against the challenge to come up with the cake that every one of us will love, without using any flours, eggs, and diaries. Though having many struggles through the past finding for the best substitute for the best three great delights (flour, eggs, and dairies), I am here today to present you a delicious and healthy “Miracle Cake.”


Like the Cake in the Fairytales


Let me tell you a story of a four-year-old boy, who has had 23 allergies. I was asked by a customer if I could make a Christmas cake for him. I then started making my original cake using bananas and apples as a main to create a brown plain Christmas cake.
Two years later, the boy came back with a request saying “I want a cake! Like the cake in the Fairytales! With strawberry and fluffy white cream!” With many tryouts and experiments, I was able to make it into a gorgeous shape as requested. The boy then showed me his joy and gave me his very big “Scrumptious!”
From that day and on, I have decided that I will be making a cake that will look, and taste likes the cake with the flours, eggs, and dairies. But what’s in the cake I make? Compromising taste, plant-based ingredients, gluten free and allergen free all the way.

Uno Yukiko
Soy milk Patissiere. Uno Yukiko

Uno Yukiko


Born in Kyoto, 1975.
Experiences working in a Japanese Restaurant
lead her into the world of Chefs.
After six years of training, Yukiko then moves to the world of pastry, and six years later training in the world of cake, Yukiko finally opens up her first store Mushiyashinai in Ichijouji Kyoto, as an owner patissiere at the age of 30.
She appears in numbers of the TV program, newspaper, magazines, and media as the world first “Soy milk Patissiere.”
After 2015, becoming a mother of a newborn child, she started to put efforts into making and selling allergen free cake than she ever used to have. In 2016, she founded a self-sufficient farm in her company to plan and produce a better high-quality product on their own.


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